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Information Technology is a necessary component to any corporation’s operation in the internet age. An agile, flexible, leading edge IT architecture, with the latest systems and smoothly operating organization is the dream of every CIO. Those dreams become nightmares when the architecture is antiquated, the systems go down frequently and the IT organization is deemed a "necessary evil". Osirius’ IT Consulting Services can help to assess the current environment, pinpoint problem areas, identify actions to resolve those problems and develop a plan to take you there.

We excel in the areas of:

Virtual/Augmented Reality Visualization

As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words", but what if you could interact with that picture? What if you could step into the world where that picture comes alive with motion and sound and touch? That is how Virtual and Augmented Reality can transform a simple picture into a transformative experience. Think about how your customers would react differently if you could provide them with an experience rather than a presentation. We can help you to provide these experiences with a suite of services aimed at taking your traditional sales and marketing methods into the future.

  • Storyboarding
  • Data modeling
  • Customized systems
  • Display solution options
  • Business process integration

Program/Project Management Consulting

Effectively managing the IT work that is undertaken in any company is a challenge that often becomes more complicated than the team had envisioned. Without an effective program and project management practice these complications can quickly lead to cost over-runs, poor quality, missed requirements and an overall risk to the operations of the business. Bringing the best practices of the industry into an enterprise is a no small task, but our experience can help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects with the services described below:

  • PMO Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement:PMO design and practices, bringing expertise and tools needed to help create and sustain a value-driven PMO
  • Project Review & Recovery: We can address common areas of concern including scope, resource availability, and project controls to turn around a troubled project quickly
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM): Our project portfolio management (PPM) approach helps you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects - one that maximizes your organization's responsiveness, revenues, and adaptability while keeping the projects aligned with your strategic business goals
  • Project Management Maturity Advancement:We work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan, and help keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements
  • Project Management Methodology: Implementation Methodology implementation is a collaborative process designed to foster acceptance and make the adoption of a standard methodology welcomed within your project culture

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Most companies are gathering data, and storing it in data warehouses, or other “big data” stores. The question is how much value are they getting from the data they are collecting? Are they collecting the right information? We can help with leveraging these data assets for feeding business decisions, faster to increase the speed to insight. The faster and more accurate decisions are made, the bigger the advantage you have over the competition.

  • Data preparation
  • Develop and run queries
  • Create reports
  • Data visualizations

Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management

These are three pillars that work together for the purpose of assuring that an organization meets its objectives. Problems in any one of these areas can put the entire operation at risk of failure.

  • Governance is the combination of processes established and executed by the board of directors that are reflected in the organization's structure and how it is managed and led toward achieving goals.
  • Compliance with the company's policies and procedures, laws and regulations. Strong and efficient governance is key to an organization's success.
  • Risk management is predicting and managing risks that could hinder the organization to achieve its objectives.

We can help assess and recommend actions to make sure that your Governance, Compliance and Risk Management synchronizes information and activities across your organization in order to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, more effectively report activities and avoid wasteful overlaps.

Organizational Change Management

The culture of an organization is a very powerful entity, that many initiatives fail to take into account. I’m sure we all can point to experiences in the past of how a vast corporate change was announced, only to die a slow death. An effective change management strategy is required to make lasting impact on an organization and we can help you to define the strategy to institutionalize the changes your organization needs for future success.

Application Rationalization and Modernization

The radical reshuffling of an application portfolio is part of an application strategy needed when an IT organization accumulates an unmanaged collection of applications through years of shifting business strategies and/or a series of mergers and acquisitions. An important goal of the rationalization is to eliminate redundant and non-value-added applications, reducing future software development and maintenance budgets. The strategy includes replacing, retiring, modernizing or consolidating applications to a more strategic portfolio.

Application rationalization steps for success:

  • Assess the state, risk and technical viability of the application portfolio
  • Identify business initiatives that require portfolio and process changes
  • Identify vendors, methodologies and platforms for reliable, serviceable and highly available applications
  • Prepare the legacy application portfolio for fast-emerging business requirements brought on by market changes

Part of the Rationalization strategy will include legacy modernization, which includes several options for addressing fragile, aging systems:

  • Migration: Migration of languages, databases, platforms to more modern technologies
  • Re-engineering: Rebuilding legacy applications with a new technology platform interface (e.g. Service-Oriented Architecture)
  • Re-hosting: Porting the legacy applications, to a more stable, reliable platform
  • Package implementation: Replacement of legacy applications, in whole or part, with commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) packages

Business Process Optimization

An organization can only move as fast as their business processes allow. If the processes rely on extensive manual touchpoints and require non-value-added steps, then they will weigh down the operation. The process also needs to have the appropriate governance oversight to assure compliance to standards. The first step to take in addressing the issues is to perform business process modeling of the current state. Once documented, the processes can be analyzed to determine opportunities for automation or streamlining. Those opportunities can then be optimized for efficiency of time and resources to achieve the required business objectives. Finally, the optimized process is rolled out to the organization for implementation.