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Osirius Group delivers life-saving relief supplies to disaster areas anywhere in the world.

Disasters, both natural and man-made, are constantly impacting populations around the world. The effects of flooding, earthquakes, tsunami or military conflicts wreaks havoc on the most vulnerable members of the local communities. Osirius can support the needs of aid agencies and governments looking to provide aid to those affected citizens. Our experience with global logistics and assuring that goods are delivered to their destinations on-time and under budget is invaluable to those who are suffering a life-changing catastrophe.

The Osirius Group can coordinate with all involved parties to cut through red-tape and act with the urgency required to relieve the suffering of the public. We can provide solutions for water purification, food & emergency supplies, power generation, and temporary or longer-term housing. We work with selected contractors to support minor construction projects, repair of roads, schools, clinics, well digging and implementation of flood control measures.

We can also provide training to host nation trainers in clearing existing landmines and explosive remnants of war, mine-risk education and awareness, medical and safety requirements, and organizing local programs to keep people safe.

* Each project varies in size and scope and is customized to customer needs