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Osirius Group provides unparalleled expertise and results in delivering defense and security project design and implementation support for customers around the world.

Our offering portfolio includes a wide array of services to support the needs of clients who are seeking to improve their defense and security capabilities. We provide consultation on products and processes that can improve the customer’s operational efficiency. Osirius can provide solutions for facility security and surveillance to improve preservation of key assets as well as training to operate the specialized devices required.

We coordinate and monitor sensitive aspects of industrial security programs to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures as well as provide consultation and direction for cyber-security initiatives. Osirius can work with you at the high-level, on over-arching strategies as well as to provide solutions for the low-level tactical and daily operations requirements. This would include the development of specialty vehicles, fleet maintenance and parts and service for those vehicles.

The Osirius Group is ready and able to assist you in addressing your most pressing needs for defense and security, including development of security education programs and organizational change management initiatives. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Senior Military Technical Advisors:
    • Major General Bruce MacDonald (Ret)
    • Brigadier General Roger Burrows (Ret)