Letter from the CEO

Letter from Tim Smith

It is a sincere honor to lead the outstanding men and women of the global Osirius team in concert with my partner and our Chairman, Jocelyn M. Smith.  From all over the world, we have among the best, brightest, and most experienced technical experts.  Our diverse team is brought together by a common focus on achieving aggressive commitments, consistently striving to be the global benchmark, patient perseverance,   and the delivery of impactful results that win for our customers.  Osirius is indeed a rare group of exceptional professionals focused on achieving the remarkable.

At our core, Osirius and its people are about following the key attributes of our company's guiding principles.  They guide our daily activities, and that is what makes Osirius stand out from the competition. They are:

- IMAGINATION - Aspire to create the new, develop the possible, strive to push the boundaries of the known.

- DEDICATION - A strong commitment to principled honor, the mission, our customers and each other.

- EXECUTION - Delivering on all commitments, all the time, in a flawless manner.

- WIN - Achieve results to enable success for our customers, partners and ourselves, which allows the company to grow and prosper.

We look forward to working with you in driving groundbreaking results.  We embrace the challenge of solving the toughest problems.  As is referenced above - at Osirius Group, regardless of the obstacles or situation, we are determined to unravel the complications of the situation for mutual success.  Simply stated, when all is said and done, those that adapt to change, overcome obstacles and persevere to the end, will win.  That is what defines us and makes Osirius different.

Kindest regards,

Timothy D. Smith

Chief Executive Officer