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Letter from Osirius Group C.E.O. Tim Smith

It is a sincere honor to lead the outstanding men and women of the Osirius Group team.  From all over the world, we have among the best, brightest, and most experienced technical experts.  Our diverse team is brought together by a common focus on achieving aggressive commitments, consistently striving to be the global benchmark, patient perseverance, and the delivery of dramatic results.  This is indeed a rare group of exceptional professionals focused on achieving the remarkable.

At our core, Osirius Group and its people are about the following key attributes of our ethos.  It is what and who we are, and what makes us different in a world full of sameness.


What Makes Us Different – The Osirius Ethos


1.   Exploration – “Create the new”.

·         Challenge the convention.  Always strive to learn, develop, and implement the benchmark.

2.   Cultivate technical excellence – “A rare group of talented people”.

·         We invest in talent, creativity and technology development to grow and prosper.

3.   Embrace global diversity – “Learn from everyone.  Learn every day”.

·         Our culture is the world.  We take in the best from everyone and create a new paradigm.

4.   Open, honest and fair dealings – “Would your mother be proud of you?”

·         Do what you say, and mean what you say.

5.   Rise to the challenge – “engage”.

·         Accept the toughest assignments.  Do what is said can’t be done.  Work as one team/together.

6.   Maintain lean operations – “Think low cost”.

·         Eliminate waste in all operations and thinking.

7.   Exceptional quality – “It’s a way of life”.

·         The customer will accept nothing less.




We look forward to working with you in driving groundbreaking results.  We enjoy the challenge of solving the toughest problems.  As is referenced in our motto highlighted in this website - "keep moving" - at Osirius Group, regardless of the obstacles or situation, success favors those that "keep moving". Simply, when all is said and done, those that adapt, overcome and persevere, will win.  That is what defines us as a company.

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