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Who We Are

A globally-experienced and results-driven team. We deliver world-class results for:

  • Complete automotive product and process engineering solutions
  • Defense security project design and implementation support
  • Delivery of global commodities to international consumers
  • Information technology optimization, cyber-security and innovation services.

We are executors that provide deep global technical expertise. Utilize results-driven global experience (25+ years experience base) to drive implementation. Provide an avenue to “get it done” for our customers. Extensive global and technology reach via world wide offices and talent base.



1. Exploration – “create the new”.

  •  Challenge the convention.  Always strive to learn, develop, implement the benchmark

2. Cultivate technical excellence – “A rare group of talented people”.

  •  We invest in talent, creativity and technology development to grow and prosper.

3. Embrace global diversity – “Learn from everyone.  Learn every day”.

  •  Our culture is the world.  We take in the best from everyone and create a new paradigm.

4. Open, honest and fair dealings – “Would your mother be proud of you”?

  •  Do what you say, and mean what you say.

5. Rise to the challenge – “engage”.

  •  Accept the toughest assignments.  Do what is said can’t be done.  Work as one   team/together.

6. Maintain lean operations – “Think low cost”.

  •  Eliminate waste in all operations and thinking.

7. Exceptional quality – “It’s a way of life”.

  •  The customer will accept nothing less.

Our Strategy

  • Total vehicle integration/homologation
  • “Out of the box” thinking and project execution
  • Robust program management
  • Product and process engineering optimization
  • Manufacturing process improvements
  • Tooling optimization and savings
  • Global supplier development and sourcing
  • Tooling optimization and savings
  • Bottoms-up target setting development
  • Piece cost optimization