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A globally-experienced and results-driven automotive
engineering and manufacturing solutions organization.

Osirius Group is a manufacturing powerhouse. Our team of engineering and manufacturing professionals provide cost saving improvements on large-scale global automotive programs. We are hands on for every step of a program, from vehicle development and process engineering to logistics and tooling integration. Osirius saves our customers time and money that flows to the bottom line. Our global reach and lean business operating model allows us to work flexibly through any unique challenge that may arise. We look forward to talking to you about your business needs.

Our Approach

At Osirius, we think it's pretty simple. We don't view difficulties as obstacles, we view them as opportunities. Difficulties are just things to overcome that allow for significant gains in all areas of a vehicle program. With a well-integrated approach, we at Osirius will provide you with substantial improvements in key areas of your program that will be evident in positively affecting the bottom line with respect to time, resources and cost. Our seasoned, experienced team of engineers, designers, program managers, and technical staff all work in concert to produce solutions that are accurate, impactful, and sustainable, allowing the benefits to be long-lasting.

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What Makes Osirius Group Different

1. Exploration – “create the new”

  •  Challenge the convention.  Always strive to learn, develop, implement the benchmark

2. Cultivate excellence – “A rare group of talented people”

  •  We invest in talent, creativity and technology development to grow and prosper

3. Embrace global diversity – “Learn from everyone, every day”

  •  We take in the best from everywhere and create a new paradigm

4. Open, honest and fair dealings – “Would your mother be proud of what you are doing”?

  •  Do what you say, and mean what you say

5. Rise to the challenge – “engage”

  •  We accept the toughest assignments, do what others say can’t be done, work as one team, all the time

6. Maintain lean operations – “Think low cost”

  •  Eliminate waste in all operations and thinking

7. Exceptional quality – “It’s a way of life”

  •  The customer will accept nothing less